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Who am I?

Tyler is a University of Maryland alumni with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Technology Entrepreneurship minor.

While in undergrad, he became a self-taught software developer and launched his first startup, VentureStorm—a web application that connected entrepreneurs and startups to talented software developers.

Since exiting VentureStorm, Tyler has continued to work with startups by building and integrating innovative technology solutions to stimulate growth and exceed various KPIs.

Tyler joined Morning Brew as the second employee in a role that spanned engineering, product, and growth—responsible for building the renowned referral program and bespoke tech ecosystem that facilitated the company to scale to a successful $75m exit in 2020.

After a stint at Google as a Product Lead at YouTube Music, he left to cofound beehiiv—a newsletter platform to fuel creators' ability to create, monetize, and grow their audience.

On the side, he enjoys building cool projects, most recently Big Desk Energy (popular Spotify playlist + web destination).
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